Dartmoor Landscape 2-1-06

The Climb...

If faced with a mountain don't look up, don't look down, simply keep climbing - you will eventually reach the top. From that great height you can appreciate the beauty of all around you and the sense of achievement hard work brings.

When at the top hold out your hand of help to those below you but do not forget to look above to the hand which is outstretched to you, for there are as many mountains to climb as there are goals we may aspire to achieve...

3D Design Print Downloads (zipped gcode format)

3D UK Trolley Coin.  I made this because of the amount of times I have gone shopping and spent the last £1 coin that is needed for a trolley!  I now have one on my keyring and never need a £1 coin again for the shopping.

If you like and use this please donate a £1 that you would have used for your shopping trolley.  Thanks!

3D Printed Comb

A ready to print 3D comb.  If you have lost or need a comb - here it is!

3D Printed Door Wedge for Carpets

A 3D Printed Door Wedge for Carpets.  Hold that door open without it swinging shut when you don't want it to.