Being human and living in this world is certainly a challenge for all of us! Of interest is that we live, move and have our being in the Universal Spirit that is God. Similar to the way a small blood cell might move around in our own body or the planets might move around in our solar system.

Of note is that the physical body has several dimensions of its own! Look at the bones in our body (mineral kingdom). We share about 50% of our DNA with trees (plant kingdom) the human body matches the animal kingdom with about 98.8% of our DNA shared by chimpanzees!

So what is it that defines a human BEing above all these other kingdoms? In my view it is that humans have a spiritual consciousness, we are a part of the universal spirit. So what is a spirit?

If you can come close to nature then you will come close to spirit. Think of a pyramid with spirit being at the top of this and everything below and yet all are dependent on each other.

Someone once explained to me that all these dimensions/kingdoms are like an onion with its many skins but all part of the One.

So while the human kingdom is made up of many kingdoms so is the spirit. Indeed without the light of the spirit there is no life just darkness. Spirit is light that we sometimes call the spark of God. Higher spiritual aspects like love, peace, compassion and sharing increase our spiritual light while the opposites of these decrease it.

Put simply the spirit kingdom aims to grow in light and we can support that by being the best that we can.

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