We have powerful minds but for the most we spend our time in astral dream thoughts like fear and worry, these do not create an atmosphere conducive to learning and growing, rather it constricts us like a box.

Better we meditate on positive thoughts of light and love. Some may think we are dreamers but it is still better to imagine positive thoughts of light than heavy thoughts of darkness.

I hope when you read this article you will feel positive I know that I do in writing it. But are these all my words, or again – like footsteps in the sand? Have they the same thoughts of others been transpired here?

We need to take the time to ask those big questions like ‘who am I?’

So what little steps can we take together to help ourselves, the world and those in it?

Positive thoughts are the first step of the journey, but not an easy step.
Look at your own thoughts for a minute have they transpired into action through the second step of speech?

Have you said even one positive word today and really meant it?

We live in an energetic universe.
When we see someone for the first time we need to look them in the eye and if we say, “Good morning!” then we need to really mean it in a positive way.
See the difference YOU can make? If you manage to get a smile from someone then you have really done something positive. See if you can get a smile if you do you have temporarily raised them from the astral world of dreams and back into the now.

When are we dreaming and when are we truly alive?

Can you tell the real from the unreal?

If we cannot then we are slaves to this world and in reality we do not ‘know’ what this world is or who we are.

Look at your wife, husband, brother, sister, friend or stranger see them as a ONE with the universe. We are all one part of the same family – human.

Our first positive steps are to think positive thoughts and speak them with real meaning and power because WE are powerful.

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